Spiritual Statement

The spiritual mission of Tulsa Adventist Academy is to develop faith, trust, love and confidence in the power of the Gospel and to develop an earnest desire for the joys found in knowing Jesus as a personal friend.   We strive to do this moment by moment by both staff and students  ministering in a grace filled environment.  Through all of our activities and learning opportunities, it is our goal to develop a noble Christian character so that ideals of right, self-discipline, honesty, reverence, purity, integrity, and moral stamina become dynamic habits of conduct.    Whether it be academic efforts, student leadership, worship times, musical or athletic events or our social interactions, we seek to first pursue Christ and His ideals for our lives and therefore prepare our students both for heaven and earth. Core values of courage, leadership, integrity, curiosity, and concern are fundamental to the development of each student and staff.

Tulsa Adventist Academy is a school where excellence is pursued in all.   We know that true excellence is only achieved if we maintain Christ as our cornerstone.  We believe that our teachers are servants of God and the students are children of God.  Using the Holy Scriptures as a basis, God has communicated His nature, purpose, and plans through divine revelation to man.  As ministers of God’s grace, the faculty and staff have the responsibility and opportunity to use their areas of expertise live out an example of grace to the students while encouraging students to do likewise.

The leadership  at TAA firmly believes that God created man in His own image, with the power to think and make personal choices subject to moral and physical laws.   We believe that true education is the redemption of souls, and that man’s greatest happiness comes through a personal relationship with Jesus and service to God, the greater community, and to fellow man.


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