3rd & 4th Grade


Mrs. Kimberly Bokovoy 

Email: kbokovoy@tulsaadventistacademy.org


The 3 R’s of Mrs. Bokovoy's Classroom


My students thrive in an environment that grows their relationship with     God each day.  We are also submerged in loving relationships with each other.  God is the center of our classroom, subjects, conversations, and activities.  He is invited into lessons learned, and praised through our experiences. My students learn to value relationships, learn about respecting the rights of others knowing that all of us are truly created equal, and we value the diversity of each individual.


My students are taught through daily tasks how to be responsible for themselves, their work, their friendships, and their lives.  They flourish in an environment that allows them to make mistakes, learn life lessons, and grow from them.  Students realize that responsibility is a privilege and strive to be the best they can be as they become self-disciplined, productive students in the classroom, home, church, and community.  This responsibility helps them explore the purpose God has created them for.

My students are taught to reason and discern information discovered and/or given to them.  They will not be cookie-cutter students performing robotic duties in the classroom.  They will not be taught to the test.  Their ideas, imagination, creativity, and desire to learn and explore are applauded.  These methods allow children to realize their importance and it teaches them how to be discerners of truth.  They become inquisitive of life independently, garnering a deeper understanding of their environment, their purpose, and their Lord.


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