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Tulsa Adventist Academy is a private Christian school offering quality Christian education to Tulsa's kids.  TAA is located between midtown and downtown near the University of Tulsa and Route 66. Operating since 1916, we accept students of all faiths who want an advanced academic program in a setting that exemplifies and promotes a Christian life-style.

We are a small school with a limit on our class sizes. We average about ten students per grade and we cap our classroom sizes at or below 20 students. This allows our teachers to personally know and minister to each student's unique learning style and academic needs.

Accreditation Status: Tulsa Adventist Academy is a fully accredited junior academy serving grades PK-12. Tulsa Adventist Academy’s Accreditation status is granted by the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission and the State of Oklahoma Department of Education.

Academic Edge: According to the Cognitive Genesis Project, a peer-reviewed study of students in Adventist schools that followed 30,000 students in grades 3-9, students in Adventist Christian schools in North America achieved at above-average levels without regard to school size, class size or number of grades per teacher. The difference is an average of half a grade above the predicted achievement level in all subjects. In addition, the more years students spend attending an Adventist school, the higher their average achievement rises. Students in Adventist school perform, on average, in the top 25 to 30 percent of students nationally.

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