Jason Vargas

Jason Vargas absolutely loves teaching. He grew up in the great state of Texas and enjoys having fun. To him, life and learning are to be enjoyed to the fullest. Every year he gets excited for a new school year. Each one of the students in his classroom has a special place in God’s kingdom, and he gets the honor of being a part of that.

Jason has been teaching the first and second grades at Tulsa Adventist Academy for five years, and he absolutely loves it! He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science from Southwestern Adventist University in 2011. He is both a Seventh-day Adventist and state-certified elementary teacher. He thinks that Tulsa Adventist Academy has helped him provide the education each student needs.

He believes that all students are unique, and that as teachers we are able to help cultivate them into becoming excellent citizens who care about others. It is his hope that each student of his will cultivate the love of learning through each subject he teaches and grow closer to God. Each year it amazes him to look back and see the growth of each student.

He enjoys teaching a two-grade combination classroom for several reasons. It gives the students and Jason the freedom to work at the level of each student. It allows Jason to create a plan that enables students to reach their goals. Each child benefits from the opportunities a multi-grade classroom provides.

Jason is excited to be working with your children. Children at this age absorb as much learning as they can and it is an honor to work with them and build a foundation that will follow them for the rest of their lives. He looks forward to this each year—the point during which the children become a huge part of his life.


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