Louis Melchor

Born in Riverside, California, Louis Melchor spent the first fourteen years of his life living in nearby San Bernardino. He attended Loma Linda Academy until his freshman year of high school, during which his family moved to Montana and he began his years at Mt. Ellis Academy. Throughout his school years Louis played soccer, baseball, and basketball, learning sports skills and sportsmanship. He also sang in the specialized choir at Mt. Ellis Academy and served God by helping build a school during a mission trip to Guatemala his junior year of high school.

While he lived in Montana, Louis enjoyed snowboarding, snowshoeing, and hiking in the mountains near his home, and he also developed a passion for riding trail motorcycles and driving vehicles off-road. When he returned to southern California for college, he continued to spend time in the mountains. Louis studied biology with an emphasis on biomedical science at La Sierra University. He spent three of his college years as a Teaching Assistant for several college-level science classes, including biology and anatomy and physiology. He also worked as a math tutor, often working forty-hour weeks while studying toward his bachelor’s degree. Louis graduated cum laude in 2014. He is currently studying toward his Master of Arts in Teaching, which he is earning through La Sierra University. In his free time, he enjoys finding wilderness and exploring it, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, traveling, and camping. 


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